You Never Know Where The Road Will Take You…

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or who you will meet on your path.

The hard part for some is actually getting on the road. I’m not afraid of the road; I play on the road!

Throughout my life I have always been surprised at where I have ended up. Not having a “life plan” from an early age helped me so much. As I wrote in an earlier post I had no idea what I was going to be when I grew up. In fact, my career now didn’t exist at the time so that wasn’t even a possibility. What I did know was that I would always be ok. That was a gift that I always treasured.

I have taken chances personally and professionally in my life because I wanted to see where they would lead me. That scares the hell out of some people, but not me. I have learned lessons from missed opportunities that I don’t want to repeat. Some of my experiences worked out and some didn’t but I never had regrets and it always made for a fun and unique trip. My trip!

Even as I write this, I know that there may be spelling or grammatical mistakes, incomplete thoughts or ideas that could be worked out a little more but …. I don’t care. My first draft is my end result and it is honest and authentically me.

The coolest place my road has taken me to lately is the project that I am working on at present. I have never thought about doing a project like this. It just popped into my head one day and I ran with it. That is how a lot of things come to me and I am a curious enough person that I usually take some time out to see where it leads me. This time I was led to writing a series of children’s books. No clue why??? I don’t have kids. In fact there are no kids in my family. I have never written a book and had no desire to before this. Luckily I do have a great imagination which has in the past, helped me to connect with kids. One day I just saw something that inspired me and I started writing. There is more to this story but that will be saved for the future book launch/tour.

The reason for this story is just to make people think. Are you doing what you dream of doing? Are you constantly saying No to things that you should say YES to and vice versa?

Put yourself out there, show off the gifts that are inside you. If you don’t know what those gifts are, meditate. It is a great way to turn off the world and re-acquaint yourself with your true self.

Since I began meditating a few years ago, I have become much more creative and solutions to problems come with a snap of my fingers. I see things very differently and things that were not even on my radar become very clear.

I hope this post helps anyone who feels stuck in life. Walk out your door,head down the road and spend some quiet, uninterrupted with yourself. You’ll be amazed at what life will tell you if you are wise enough to listen.

My First Time Going Solo

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Have you ever noticed in your life that no matter how hard you try sometimes something is just not going to turn out the way you want it to?

You can do everything to try to make it happen but in the end, it just doesn’t come together.  Have you ever thought that maybe that what you wanted at that time may have either not been the right thing for you or that maybe you were going to discover something bigger or better or more useful to you?

Case in point- Many years ago I had tickets to go to a great concert.  At the last minute, my friend told me that she couldn’t go. I scrambled to find someone to take her ticket. I called (there was no texting then) many different people and no one could go or I couldn’t reach the people that I thought could go. Finally something in my head just knew that I could contact 100 people and it wasn’t going to come together. I didn’t know why, but I knew. So, I gave up. I went down to the venue to reluctantly sell the tickets at cost which I did. During that time, I met a guy who was looking for one ticket. I told him I had two but he only wanted one and wanted to be closer to the stage. He told me that he went by himself all the time and usually got a deal by buying one ticket. I watched him as he went up to other people looking for that one ticket.  He got it and was on his way inside.

I could see the excitement on the faces of the concert goers and felt sad that I was just going to go home.  I had to; what other option was there? I had never thought about seeing a show by myself. That would be… weird. I had gone to movies and restaurants by myself before, and had even travelled to Europe by myself but going to a concert alone- Yikes!

Then it happened.

I was going to put myself into that weird, unfamiliar place of going by myself. I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so  I bought one ticket. It ended up being 6 rows ahead of my original ticket and cost me less. Maybe that was my reward for going solo. I was on an isle and sitting beside a guy who was also alone. We had an interesting chat before the show started and I started to feel comfortable in my surroundings. Not so weird. In fact, it was pretty cool. I had a great time.

As I got out of the venue I saw the original” looking for one ticket” guy. He looked at me and said’  You went!” “Yes, I did and it was amazing”. We rode the subway together for the next 10 minutes and then said goodbye. He was a random person who came into my life for a split second to take me to a place where I had never been and had never thought of going to. Now, I go to concerts by myself all the time and meet many others who do the same and we have a blast TOGETHER.

 Lesson learned. Step out of your comfort zone. Surprises await.

What surprises have you found by stepping out of your comfort zone?