Missed Opportunities


Each and every day we are given a chance to start again. We can make different choices and decisions for our lives; better choices, better decisions. We can keep our eyes and ears open for new opportunities, different opportunities, better opportunities; things that are presented specifically to each of us in order to help us learn and grow on our individual journeys. Many people miss the chances that are given to them for many reasons; doubts, fears and not paying attention are just a few.

Missed opportunities are something that I try to keep to a minimum after an experience that I had quite a few years ago.

I had just moved back to Toronto after living in Vancouver for many years and was in the car when I thought I saw one of my best friends from elementary school. We had remained friends throughout high school even though we were at different schools at that point. It looked so much like her. It had to be her! Unfortunately, the light changed and as the car crossed the street I thought to myself, “She must still be living in the neighborhood. I’m sure I’ll see her again.” But, I didn’t and life went on. A few years later I was going to my high school class reunion and was excited to see one person-my friend that I had missed at that light a few years before. When I got there, I saw a mutual friend of ours. I asked her if my friend was there or if she knew whether she was coming or not. She had told me that our friend had passed away a few years earlier from breast cancer. AAAAAH!   BIG TIME REGRET!!!

If I hadn’t assumed that our paths would inevitably cross again, things would have been different. I would have known if it actually was her if I had walked up to her. Even if it wasn’t her, it may have sparked my interest now that I was back in town and in the neighbourhood to try to re- connect with her. I missed an opportunity with someone who I would have loved to re-connect with. Why? I made the assumption of having plenty of time. That’s all.

Even though she is now passed on, she did leave me with a valuable lesson and I believe that is how she re-connected with me.

I learned from that experience. I now TRY very hard not to miss out on opportunities that are presented to me; whether it’s a chance to meet someone new or hang out with someone that I’ve known forever, a last minute trip or a new idea or plan for my business. If I do it and it doesn’t go as I expected or hoped it would, at least I did it. I played it out in life, instead of just in my head.

Don’t live in a place where you constantly miss opportunities. Live in a place where you get to the source of why you choose to.

Thanks for the lesson, Nicky! XOXO.