Yay, Yippee, Summer’s Here!

Well with the beautiful sunshine and warmth that we had this past weekend I think it is FINALLY safe to say that summer has arrived. YAY!

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures.Tune up the bike, inline skates, dust off the clubs, racquets or baseball gear, get the dog off the couch and go outside and play.

Don’t you remember what is was like when you were a kid and as soon as your mom wanted you to go out  you would be out all day and night until the street lights came on. Once those lights came on you knew the fun was over. We would ride our bikes all over town without counting distance, calories, heart rate or time. We just rode and we would roller skate up and down newly paved driveways ( they were always so smooth) We never stretched afterwards; we just threw the bike or other gear on the lawn, ran inside and drank cherry Kool Aid.
Oh those were the days! Now we need to stretch just to get out of bed in the morning.

As a Personal Trainer I try to make a client’s workout as fun as possible even though they don’t always see it that way. I like to play and I bring them into my world for an hour a day. We use a lot of equipment including weights and I make my clients pick up all of the weights off the floor and put them back as I go behind them and put them all back on the floor. That, by the way, is a great workout!
I don’t record too much during workouts. My clients know when they are making progress. They can see it and they can feel it. It’s just like a Chef who knows how much to put in a dish without going by a recipe.

So, the time is now. Put your adult way of thinking that you use Monday to Friday 9 to 5 away, grab your gear and go out and play. Your body and mind will like it and your spirit will love it.

Happy Summer and just remember that the street lights come on much later this season.

What plans do you have to make this THE best summer yet!