The Dog Days Of Summer

Lucy_lying downDog days of summer?  I and apparently my dog as well never really understood what “The Dog Days of Summer” were or how many days were given to man’s best friend? A couple? A week? 10? Who knows? It’s one of the great mysteries of life, I guess.

I know my dog thinks that there can never be enough days dedicated to dogs. Apparently she thinks everyday is about her and lucky for her she gets to spend a lot of time outside walking or running around with me.

As you know there is an obesity epidemic in North America and many other countries and unfortunately it’s not just humans who are battling the bulge; it is  also our pets. I don’t know of any dog who has pockets to carry money in so that they can go to the store or fast food restaurant and buy their own food so it must be the humans who are helping them to pack on the pounds. Obesity has the same effects on your pets as it does on you so please don’t feed them human food, give them too many treats and  do make sure to portion their food correctly. They can’t love you the way they want to if they’re not around.

Working out with your favorite furry friend is not only good for you but for them as well. Dogs NEED to play EVERYDAY- just like kids.

Taking the pounds off of your dog will also take the pounds off of you and walking 30- 60 minutes a day with your dog will  not only reduce stress for both of you,  but will also improve your sleep and general well being in so many ways.

So grab your shoes, the leash and  lots of  water for both of you and go play. Your doggy will thank you.