You Never Know Where The Road Will Take You…

or who you will meet on your path.

The hard part for some is actually getting on the road. I’m not afraid of the road; I play on the road!

Throughout my life I have always been surprised at where I have ended up. Not having a “life plan” from an early age helped me so much. As I wrote in an earlier post I had no idea what I was going to be when I grew up. In fact, my career now didn’t exist at the time so that wasn’t even a possibility. What I did know was that I would always be ok. That was a gift that I always treasured.

I have taken chances personally and professionally in my life because I wanted to see where they would lead me. That scares the hell out of some people, but not me. I have learned lessons from missed opportunities that I don’t want to repeat. Some of my experiences worked out and some didn’t but I never had regrets and it always made for a fun and unique trip. My trip!

Even as I write this, I know that there may be spelling or grammatical mistakes, incomplete thoughts or ideas that could be worked out a little more but …. I don’t care. My first draft is my end result and it is honest and authentically me.

The coolest place my road has taken me to lately is the project that I am working on at present. I have never thought about doing a project like this. It just popped into my head one day and I ran with it. That is how a lot of things come to me and I am a curious enough person that I usually take some time out to see where it leads me. This time I was led to writing a series of children’s books. No clue why??? I don’t have kids. In fact there are no kids in my family. I have never written a book and had no desire to before this. Luckily I do have a great imagination which has in the past, helped me to connect with kids. One day I just saw something that inspired me and I started writing. There is more to this story but that will be saved for the future book launch/tour.

The reason for this story is just to make people think. Are you doing what you dream of doing? Are you constantly saying No to things that you should say YES to and vice versa?

Put yourself out there, show off the gifts that are inside you. If you don’t know what those gifts are, meditate. It is a great way to turn off the world and re-acquaint yourself with your true self.

Since I began meditating a few years ago, I have become much more creative and solutions to problems come with a snap of my fingers. I see things very differently and things that were not even on my radar become very clear.

I hope this post helps anyone who feels stuck in life. Walk out your door,head down the road and spend some quiet, uninterrupted with yourself. You’ll be amazed at what life will tell you if you are wise enough to listen.

Follow Your Heart


Your heart beats for a reason. Every beat reminds you that you are alive and that you matter.

Have you ever really listened to the thumping of your heart? It works so hard to keep you moving so that you can find your life’s purpose and live it.Follow_heart

I think one of the most important pieces of life advice that anyone can give or receive is” Follow Your Heart”. I always say that the heart will take you to places that the head would never go and those are the places where I want to be. They are the places filled with infinite possibilities- where anything can and does happen. The map to lead you to these places is located deep inside you and it is just waiting for you to discover it. Will you go there or will you continue to look out into the world or to other people for answers to your questions that may not even be right for you?

Everything you need you already have inside you. We’ve heard it time and time again but why are we not listening?  The ones that do are the ones whose light shines like the brightest star in the sky. You can’t miss them.  They have figured out what the rest of us are still trying to figure out and they aren’t  just existing on this planet- THEY ARE LIVING THEIR INTENDED LIFE. 

We all have that same opportunity but we are letting the unimportant superficial aspects of life and ourselves get in our own way. We become easily distracted with all of the unimportant things that others try to convince us as being of the utmost importance.

What will you find if you look inside to really find out who you are? You will find your true essence which may be completely different from what others have been telling you about yourself and pushing upon you since birth. Another person’s thoughts or perceptions of you are just that- their thoughts or perceptions, good or bad. Unfortunately though many of us hear it from someone we consider to be more important than ourselves or from more than one source so eventually we start to believe their words and get further away from the only truly correct source, our self.

All good things come from the heart. Think about it. First and foremost is the blood that flows from your heart through your whole body. That by the way is spectacular and definitely something to study when you have some time. Gifts from the heart are the best presents to give or get. When someone speaks from the heart you end up with heart felt words. See what I mean and these are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Your heart is on your side. It will keep beating while it waits for you to show up. Do so before it stops!



Ya Know What Ya Know.

youknowwhatyouknowThere has always been this “knowing” inside me that everything will be ok. This was reinforced by my mom once telling me that she doesn’t worry about me because I always seem to land on my feet.

My life is an adventure of sorts, good and bad but I knew then and still know today that I will get through whatever is presented to me if I just accept whatever is there and know that the reason for it is something that I will likely discover further down the road.

With that being said it is easy to understand that I was never one of those Plan Your Whole Life people. Go to such and such a school, meet the love of your life, land the career that you studied for or perhaps wanted to be when you grew up, get married, buy a house, have a kid or two  and live happily ever after.

I hated when the guidance counsellor or some other adult asked me at 15 years of age what my plans for the future were. Are you kidding me??? (Just to let you know, the way that I make a living now was not even in existence back then so I couldn’t have even told them if I wanted to.)

I hated when in job interviews I was asked the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I always told them what I knew they wanted to hear. Even then I knew that saying, “Oh, I have no clue; we’ll just see what happens” would not go over very well.

If you told me a year ago that I would be doing THIS, well to be honest I may have believed you more than if you had asked me about the previous things that I have done in my life when I have done them. I was planning on entering on a new path but in a different way. We’ll see where I land with this.