Name “The Baby” Contest!

9 months ago my baby (an idea) was conceived. The idea was Balance for Maximum Wellness with the blog, YOUR MIND CHANGE- C Things DifFerEnTly™ and the mascot of that idea is a little female cartoon character who looks just like her mama, but cuter.

Now that she is in the world, she needs a fitting name. I can tell you a bit about her and will show you some pictures so that you can get an idea of her personality.Lucy_creativefinal

First off, she came out being 4 years old and always will be. She likes to play, is independent, active and adventurous; travelling, meeting new people and having unique experiences are definitely important to her.

She spends a lot of time in her imagination. She is curious, loves chocolate, music, playing with her puppy, Lulu and is always interested in learning about herself and the world around her. If you need more info about her, just ask.

Use your imagination and help christen my little one. If you name is chosen, you will forever be known as the Godparent and will receive a special thank you.

It’s time to play. Help her find her identity. Give the girl a name so that she can get out into the world to start all of her adventures.

Please comment on this blog post with the name. Contest closes June 20, 2016.


Lisa  (aka Mama of the nameless girl.)