About the Blog

When I decided to do a blog, I wanted a title that would best convey the message that I was trying to deliver.

I thought of Change your Mind but that is too straightforward so with a little creativity and a different perspective on the whole thing I came up with Your Mind Change. I thought it was a good twist because you can’t change your mind if you keep thinking the same way.  All you have to do is see things in a different way and there you have it- YOUR MIND CHANGE.

This blog is going to be somewhat thought out, yet spontaneous. It may not always be grammatically correct (Yay for imperfections), but it will hopefully make you think about things in a way that you may not have thought of before. It contains my thoughts, opinions, perceptions and ideas on many topics that I have decided to share with you.

Just like the river of life, there will be stillness, there will be fast moving currents, there will be sitting on the banks and soaking up the sun while watching mysterious things float by, some thought provoking ideas and perhaps maybe even something inspiring that you can hook onto and take away with you on your own journey through life.

If so, then my job is done and I and my dog can get back to our chess game.

Oh yes, it is going to be like THAT.  Sit back, open your mind, use your imagination and have a great sense of fun!!!!

Beaucoup de love,


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