The What Laid Plans?


As I mentioned before, the life that I live seems to unfold in ways that I never could have imagined.

When I was a teen I thought I should have a life plan because everyone else seemed to be forging one and those adults hovering around asking me questions about the future would like to hear some sort of plan. Luckily for me my parents were not among them.
When talking to friends about what we thought may happen in the future, I announced that I would get married around 36. I got married at 20. Hey, it seemed like a good and logical thing to do at the time as I was in college and in my 20 year old mind I was on the road to adulthood. As it turns out that decision to marry young was the right one for me to make. Even though the marriage ended after 15 years, I am still the best of friends with my ex.
Shortly after finishing my college experience, I worked at a company for a few years and saved to start a business at 25 which I just started but then poof, was convinced to move across the country to a place where I knew no one and had never visited to start a new life with my spouse who had a job out there with his company. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was lost in a way; my plan rug was pulled out from under me so I stalled. My earlier plan did not look or feel like this at all but then my life up to that point was like a roller coaster ride. I happily agreed to buy the ticket and go for the ride.
I sat down, watched the world go by and looked at the pretty scenery. Yes, it was a beautiful place to live. I learned a lot about many things by making that decision and am so grateful for that opportunity that I took.

Others may have looked at my life decisions with confusion or in awe and depending on THEIR point of view either thought I was courageous and bold or foolish and indecisive but to me it made perfect sense and I have absolutely no regrets and have had many fun experiences.

That decision also brought me to the place where I am now; different city, different career and different view. Even though there were many detours along the way, I took them all and like the good road trip passenger that I think I am, I enjoyed the scenery and had fun food and good music surrounding me the whole time.
What decisions have you made in life that brought you to an amazing and unexpected place? Feel free to leave your comments.

Yay, Yippee, Summer’s Here!

Well with the beautiful sunshine and warmth that we had this past weekend I think it is FINALLY safe to say that summer has arrived. YAY!

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures.Tune up the bike, inline skates, dust off the clubs, racquets or baseball gear, get the dog off the couch and go outside and play.

Don’t you remember what is was like when you were a kid and as soon as your mom wanted you to go out  you would be out all day and night until the street lights came on. Once those lights came on you knew the fun was over. We would ride our bikes all over town without counting distance, calories, heart rate or time. We just rode and we would roller skate up and down newly paved driveways ( they were always so smooth) We never stretched afterwards; we just threw the bike or other gear on the lawn, ran inside and drank cherry Kool Aid.
Oh those were the days! Now we need to stretch just to get out of bed in the morning.

As a Personal Trainer I try to make a client’s workout as fun as possible even though they don’t always see it that way. I like to play and I bring them into my world for an hour a day. We use a lot of equipment including weights and I make my clients pick up all of the weights off the floor and put them back as I go behind them and put them all back on the floor. That, by the way, is a great workout!
I don’t record too much during workouts. My clients know when they are making progress. They can see it and they can feel it. It’s just like a Chef who knows how much to put in a dish without going by a recipe.

So, the time is now. Put your adult way of thinking that you use Monday to Friday 9 to 5 away, grab your gear and go out and play. Your body and mind will like it and your spirit will love it.

Happy Summer and just remember that the street lights come on much later this season.

What plans do you have to make this THE best summer yet!

Name “The Baby” Contest!

9 months ago my baby (an idea) was conceived. The idea was Balance for Maximum Wellness with the blog, YOUR MIND CHANGE- C Things DifFerEnTly™ and the mascot of that idea is a little female cartoon character who looks just like her mama, but cuter.

Now that she is in the world, she needs a fitting name. I can tell you a bit about her and will show you some pictures so that you can get an idea of her personality.Lucy_creativefinal

First off, she came out being 4 years old and always will be. She likes to play, is independent, active and adventurous; travelling, meeting new people and having unique experiences are definitely important to her.

She spends a lot of time in her imagination. She is curious, loves chocolate, music, playing with her puppy, Lulu and is always interested in learning about herself and the world around her. If you need more info about her, just ask.

Use your imagination and help christen my little one. If you name is chosen, you will forever be known as the Godparent and will receive a special thank you.

It’s time to play. Help her find her identity. Give the girl a name so that she can get out into the world to start all of her adventures.

Please comment on this blog post with the name. Contest closes June 20, 2016.


Lisa  (aka Mama of the nameless girl.)

First Step to Maximum Wellness


First Step To Maximum Wellness is the name of my fitness company so I thought I would tell you about the first step in my journey towards my career.

I had always been an active kid – playing all day long, interrupted only by the time spent in school. My friends and I played before school, during recess, after gulping down sandwiches at lunch, after school until dinner and then after dinner until THE STREET LIGHTS CAME ON. Oh, we hated when those lights came on because it meant that the fun was over. We were always running around and never seemed to get tired. Those were the days.  Now, we need a nap.

Next came the teenage years. They were also very fun but not as active. Getting in trouble was the name of the game back then. SMOKING. That changed everything. It changed the friends that I hung around with, it changed how people saw me and most importantly, it changed my activity level. My friends and I weren’t running around and playing anymore because we were being cool and we were SMOKIN’.

Smoking for me lasted 14 years. When I realized that I had smoked for half of my life, I said “Enough.” I took control back from that little white stick. I didn’t wait until I finished the  pack or for January 1st or some other  thing that would inevitably put this off. I ripped up the last 6 cigarettes, threw them away and never smoked again.

Best day of my life. Instead of smoking, I started to drink a glass of water every time I got a craving which wasn’t the same  but I knew  it was better for me.

Quitting smoking also led me back to tennis, which I loved to play when I was younger. So, I and three guy friends joined a gym that had indoor tennis. We were a disaster but we were playing again and that felt really good.

One day, I wandered into “THE WEIGHT ROOM- a place where few women had gone before. It was a much more intimidating place back then but it fascinated me and I soon found myself not just using the cardio machines but using the weight machines as well. It felt so empowering and from that point on, I knew.

I knew I would  be healthier, stronger and a more active person than I was during the last 14 years and that made me feel great. I knew that I wanted others to feel this way as well so I studied for what seemed like an eternity, and I became a Weight Training Instructor and finally, a Personal Trainer with a few different specialties.

Now I get to play for a living.

And best of all, I don’t have to come in when the street lights come on.